What is Zero Suicide in Health and Behavioral Health Care?

The Zero Suicide framework is a system-wide, organizational commitment to safer suicide care in health and behavioral health care systems. The framework is based on the realization that suicidal individuals often fall through the cracks in a sometimes fragmented and distracted health care system. A systematic approach to quality improvement in these settings is both available and necessary.



Action Alliance’s Clinical Care and Intervention Task Force identified seven essential elements of suicide care for health and behavioral health care systems to adopt. These are:

  • LEAD: system wide culture change
  • TRAIN: a workforce that is confident, caring, & competent
  • IDENTIFY: suicide risk using comprehensive screening & assessing
  • ENGAGE: all at-risk individuals using a care management plan
  • TREAT: suicidal thoughts & behaviors
  • TRANSITION: using warm-handoffs & support to individuals in need
  • IMPROVE: policies & procedures through continuous improvement


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