Recovery Housing

Division Criteria for the Certification of Recovery Housing

Criteria for Recovery Housing Services:
• Division Criteria adopts the National Alliance for Recovery Residence (NARR) Standard 3.0, which has been adapted in Nevada for certification of Recovery Housing.
• The Division Criteria for Recovery Housing is in compliance with all applicable provisions of NAC 458.
• Recovery Housing must also be licensed as a Halfway House for Recovering Alcohol and Drug Abusers under NAC 449.1549-449.154945.

  • Definition:
    o The term “recovery residence” (Recovery Housing in the State of Nevada) denotes safe, substance free and healthy residential environments in which skills vital for sustaining recovery are learned and practiced in a home-like setting, based on Social Model principles.
  • Eligibility Criteria:
    o History of substance use treatment or participation in 12-Step Recovery.
    o Individual will sign a client-contract indicating adherence to Recovery Housing rules and be free from alcohol or illicit substance use or seeking.
    o Adhere to random drug screening and/or toxicology screening.
  • Admission Criteria:
    o Individuals admitted to Recovery Housing Services must have a history of a Substance Use Diagnosis.
  • Continued Service Criteria:
    o The individual does not require a higher level of care. The Recovery Housing program will need to develop criteria to determine on-going service need.
  • Transfer / Discharge Criteria:
    o The individual has gained stable/supportive housing/recovery environment and no longer needs Recovery Housing.