The Overdose Data to Action Program

The Overdose Data to Action Program supports the state in getting high quality, comprehensive and timelier data on opioid prescribing and mortality, and to use those data to inform the state’s prevention and interventions efforts.

The NVOD2A Program is being administered by the Division of Public and Behavioral Health. The Division of Public and Behavioral Health has partnered with the University of Nevada, Reno School Community Health Sciences, Public Health Training Center to implement the program.

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The CDC has established Two Tracks and  9 individual strategies areas for states. 





1Overdose Surveillance: Morbidity
2Overdose Surveillance: Fatality
3Innovative Overdose Surveillance


4Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
5Integration of State and Local Efforts
6Linkages to Care
7Health System Support
8Public Safety Coordination
9Empowering Individuals to Make Safer Choices

The state has established 4 program goals that align with these 9 CDC priority areas.

Program Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Improved decision making, resource allocation, and informed intervention strategies, based on improved quality and dissemination of fatal and non-fatal substance abuse and opioid use data

  1. The Nevada OD2A Program Supports data reporting for the State’s Syndromic Surveillance System called NSSP ESSENCE. The OD2A Program produces monthly Drug Overdose Surveillance Epidemiology (DOSE) reports. These reports help to understand the currently overdose morbidity rates.
  2. The Nevada OD2A program Supports data reporting for the state’s State Unintentional Drug Overdose Report System (SUDORS). The OD2A Program produces biannual SUDORS reports. These reports help us to understand the state’s overdose mortality rates.
  3. The OD2A program is working to increase coordination between public health and public safety partners through support of program like ImageTrend-Elite
  4. The OD2A Program is working to improve the amount of data shared with local communities through centralized and standardized data reporting by creating a centralized hub for regular and rapid analysis and reporting of substance misuser data and information

Goal 2: Enhanced Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) that supports evidence-based prescribing, and data sharing to inform prevention and intervention strategies

  1. The OD2A program is supporting the integration of PDMP and Electronic Health Records to support ease of access by Controlled Substance Prescribers. Integration will also allow for the implementation of a decision support tool called NarxCare.
  2. The OD2A program will support technical Assistance and training provided to prescribers and health system as needed, regarding NarxCare, integration, and PDMP utilization as needed
  3. The OD2A program is working to increase the amount of PDMP data reported and shared with appropriate stakeholders to help inform prescription drug and opioid prevention and education efforts.

Goal 3: Increase the number of individuals referred for substance use/ opioid use/ supportive services from a clinical or community-based setting through health systems, and community- based providers, by streamlining the referral process

  1. The OD2A program seeks to improve the state’s behavioral health and substance abuse infrastructure through the implementation of the OpenBeds system and the development of the Nevada Health Connection, an electronic behavioral health network.  OpenBeds will support providers in getting patients connected to the most appropriate level of care for their needs as quickly as possible.  OpenBeds will increase transparency around treatment availability , and support the ability for policy makers to help inform treatment strategies and linkages to care.
  2. The OD2A program seeks to support our community’s ability to develop the capacity to response to overdose incidences. The OD2A program will embedded in each behavioral health region to support linkages to care initiatives, connection to services and community response, and support of behavioral health system

Goal 4: Increased awareness about opioid use, poly drug risk, and increased awareness about OUD stigma, treatment, and recovery

  1. The OD2A program supports statewide evidence-based prevention education and training implemented in communities of high need  and those ask risk of overdose.
  2. The OD2A program is working towards an innovative risk factor analysis and other surveillance strategies used to inform and support the implementation of the evidence-based prevention strategies.


  • Southern Nevada Health District
  • Washoe County Coroner Medical Examiner
  • UNR School of Community Health Sciences
  • Board of Pharmacy
  • Partnership Carson City
  • PACE Coalition
  • PACT Coalition
  • Join Together Northern Nevada
  • Nye Community Coalition
  • Social Entrepreneurs Inc
  • Nevada Broadcasters Association

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