Zero Suicide in Health Care

Dr. Michael Hogan

Why Zero Suicide in Healthcare – Listen to Dr. Hogan as he describes the reasons for Zero Suicide and how Nevada can make our healthcare systems become suicide safe across the continuum of care. The time has come to understand that we can make a difference in someone’s life by doing more, starting with Zero Suicide and a commitment.

What are the Outcomes of Zero Suicide?

Results from systems implementing Zero Suicide are being provided on a regular basis. These reported benefits of using the Zero Suicide model have included a spectrum of care improvements, including increases in quality of care and longer-term outcomes such as reductions in suicide deaths, decreases in hospitalizations, and cost savings. Follow the path of systems like yours to learn how to shape your own Zero Suicide outcomes.

The Zero Suicide Toolkit features outcome stories from Zero Suicide implementing organizations. Read the stories below and find more in the Zero Suicide Toolkit. Click on the case studies providing compelling insights as to how Zero Suicide has made safer suicide care manageable. Each link will take you to the Zero Suicide Toolkit. Click the back arrow to return to the Nevada Zero Suicide site.

Local stories are coming soon, please check back!

These webpages adapt and promote content from the Zero Suicide Toolkit. The Zero Suicide Toolkit is administered by Zero Suicide Institute at Education Development Center (EDC), Inc. EDC developed the Zero Suicide framework through the federally funded Suicide Prevention Resource Center and National Action Alliance. The Zero Suicide Toolkit can be found at zerosuicide.com.